Information on Youth and Family Program Grants


  • To provide grants to Youth and Family Programs for CSL events.
  • To help establish program development and implementation at CSL-sponsored conventions and retreats. (Staff, curriculum, supplies, some portion of attendee tuition)
  • To help establish regional and national children’s church leader training. (facilitator fee, travel costs)
  • To help support adults attending Teen Advisor Training.
  • To help establish preteen camp development and implementation.
  • To help establish and develop virtual training for enriching a youth and family program in existing CSL Center(s).
  • To help provide resources for a youth and family program in existing CSL Center(s). (curriculum, training, supplies)
  • To support Ministers, Youth, and Advisors attending and participating in Youth Camp.
  • To help establish follow-up classes as teens move beyond the “youth” designation.
  • To support current programs. (Young Adult, NextGen)
  • Any additional programs for youth the Board may choose.


To qualify for an application, applicants must:

  1. Applicant must be a minister licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living or provide a letter of acknowledgement from a minister licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living.
  2. If the application is for a new work, please provide a description of education, experience and qualifications that support your expertise in Youth and Family Programs.

Grants are not given for ministerial or staff salaries.



Rev. Pattie Mercado – Chair Youth and Family Committee
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