Information on Education Grants

In supporting and promulgating the teachings of Science of Mind, the Foundation’s Education Committee provides grants in the following areas: Ministerial Scholarships;  Distance Learning Technology and Curriculum (T&C); and Conference Support


To provide scholarship assistance to Science of Mind/Religious Science ministerial students who have completed at least one year of training in a School of Spiritual Leadership  in a center/church affiliated with The Centers for Spiritual Living, Golden, CO
To support the newest and best technology for the teaching of these students
To support the development of curriculum for Schools of Spiritual Leadership in Churches/Centers affiliated with the Centers for Spiritual Living(benefiting ministerial students) and for member churches of Centers for Spiritual Living (ultimately to the benefit of congregants and others taking classes)
To support the expansion of Science of Mind/Religious Science by helping to underwrite the organizational costs of educational conferences.

Scholarships are available to persons who have completed at least one full year of ministerial training in A School for Spiritual Leadership at a center/church affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living.  The Hefferlin Scholarship is for the purpose of assisting these individuals to become licensed and then ordained as ministers with Centers for Spiritual Living, Golden, CO  Preference is given to those applicants who intend to begin their own ministries and not to those who wish to become future staff ministers.

Full or partial scholarships may be awarded for tuition, books and fees for a one-year period. Students applying for a scholarship must complete the application and provide written references as specified therein.

Applicants for scholarships must meet the following general requirements: they must be licensed Practitioners. They must be active members in a center/church that is currently affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living as verified by the center’s minister or board of trustees/core council. They must show demonstrated skills for successful ministry. They must have a minimum of two years of successful academic training in an accredited institution of higher education.. They must show documented life experience, financial need and financial responsibility, and be willing to participate in a personal interview.

Submit Education Scholarships Application Online.

Technology and Curriculum Projects are a special area for funding. The Foundation encourages the development of curriculum that is written by the Education Committee of Centers for Spiritual Living The Foundation will also consider multimedia projects and presentations that support the teaching of Science of Mind/Religious Science.

Submit Technology and Curriculum Application Online.


The Education Committee will consider providing seed money to help underwrite the organizational costs of educational conferences that promote the basic principles of Science of Mind. Provide the following information via email or USPS postal mail to the contact persons listed below.

• Submit a written request for funds specifying the amount.
• Give detailed purpose of the conference, location, dates, proposed speakers, prospective audience, program, and budget.
• Include the name, address, phone number, cell phone, email address, and any other contact information of the sponsor.
• Send at least two written letters of reference.

For information concerning Conference Support Grants, contact

Dr. Marilyn Leo (Education Committee Chair)
Telephone: (805) 279-8754
Send a message to Dr. Marilyn Leo

Dr. Thomas C. Sannar (Education Committee Co-Chair)
Telephone: 760-471-5471
Send a message to Dr. Thomas C. Sannar

Dr. Roger Juline (Education Committee Member)
Telephone: 949-481-6607
Send a message to Dr. Roger Juline

Rev. Dr. Karen Kushner (Education Committee Member
Telephone: (732) 309-3235
Send a message to Rev. Dr. Karen Kushner