Application for Live Streaming Grant

NOTICE: Your application will NOT be accepted unless all questions are responded to or blanks in the Application are filled. You may use “N/A” (not applicable) if/as appropriate.

Please complete the application using    Chrome, Firefox or Safari Browsers. 

We suggest that you download and print this application, carefully respond to the questions with precision and accurate information. Afterward, we recommend returning to complete the online application to ensure that it is reviewed by the appropriate individuals.  Thank you.


To be eligible for a Live Streaming Grant, applicants are required to exhibit an understanding of Live Streaming, its capabilities, and limitations. Additionally, they should possess the necessary tools for achieving Live Streaming objectives and demonstrate a strong commitment to market development and content creation.

Hefferlin urges all Live Streaming applicants to test their market before applying for an application.  To first use whatever equipment might be available “in order to develop some initial results which may provide a basis for further development/upgrades, before applying for a Grant.”

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