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Church Grant Committee Application Form (the application uses the word, “Center” which applies to either “Church”, “Center” or Canadian “Centre”. Many of our international centers do not or cannot legally use the word “church”. )

  • Grant Information

  • a licensed Minister of Religious Science through CENTERS FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING, Golden, CO, do hereby submit my application for a center grant.
  • For those with an existing center, answer the following questions. If you are applying as a new center just fill in the words "New Center".

  • For those applying for a Church Grant as a new church or center, answer the following questions.

  • I have taken the following steps towards the establishment of my center. Answer these questions:
    1. Have you filed articles of incorporation with the state legal entity?
    2. Have you filed for and obtained recognition by CENTERS FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING ?
    3. Do you have completed Bylaws?
    4. Have you met as a Board of Trustees or Leadership Council?
    5. Have you conducted any center services?
    6. Do you have any statistics that show congregation support or growth?
    7. Do you have any other information that will show the stability and growth of your center?
  • Personal Information:

  • References:

    Please include two or more references and letters of reference. Please include their contact phone numbers and email addresses. One of the letters should be from your Holmes Institute Dean. Have the references emailed to both:

    Rev. Dr. Karen Kushner- Church Grants Committee Chair - Send a message

  • Distribution:

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