Education Scholarships

Scholarships are available for students who have completed at least one full year of ministerial training at a School for Spiritual Leadership affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living.  The Hefferlin Scholarship is for the purpose of assisting students to become licensed and ordained as ministers with Centers for Spiritual Living.

Preference is given to those applicants who intend to begin their own ministries and not to those who wish to become future staff ministers.

Scholarships may be awarded for tuition, books and fees for a one-year period. Students may also apply after two years and after three years. No more than three scholarships may be granted to one student.

Students applying for a scholarship must complete the application and provide written references as specified therein. Applicants for scholarships must meet the following general requirements: 

They must be licensed Practitioners.

They must be active members in a center/church that is currently affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living.

They must show at least two years of academic or specialized training outside of ministerial studies or evidence of extraordinary life experience.

They must show demonstrated skills for successful ministry.

They must show documented life experience,

They must demonstrate financial need and financial responsibility,

They must be willing to participate in a personal interview if necessary.

For questions or any additional information contact any member of the Education Committee.

Dr. Marilyn Leo (Education Committee Chair)
Send a message

Dr. Thomas C. Sannar (Education Committee Co-Chair)
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Dr. Roger Juline (Education Committee Member)
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Rev. Dr. Karen Kushner (Education Committee Member
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NOTICE: Your application will NOT be accepted unless all blanks in the Application are filled. You may use “N/A” (not applicable) if/as appropriate.
Please complete the application using Chrome, Firefox or Safari Browsers.


    Along with the completion of this application, please also submit:
    1. Credit Report (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, etc.)
    2. Statement of financial need, signed by you and your dean.
    3. Work resume.
    4. 2 (or more) references submitted under separate cover to the persons listed below (One of the references should be from the Dean of your ministerial campus).
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, zip, doc, docx, jpg.
    Max. 6 files. Allowed file size: 6MB per file. Accepted file types: pdf, zip, doc, docx, jpg
  • being a licensed Practitioner of Religious Science through CENTERS FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING, do hereby submit my application for a scholarship in support of my ministerial education.
  • A. Education

  • B. Life Experience

    Describe your relevant life experience and/or provide a detailed resume, including academic certificates. Send to the following contact person:

    Dr. Karen Kushner Send a message

  • Send any additional Education questions to any member of the committee.

    Dr. Marilyn Leo; Send a message

    Dr. Tom Sannar; Send a message

    Dr. Roger Juline; Send a message

    Dr. Karen Kushner; Send a message

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, zip, doc, docx, jpg.
    Max. 6 files. Allowed file size: 6MB per file. Accepted file types: pdf, zip, doc, docx, jpg
  • C. Status and Plans

  • If you plan to begin a new work, state:
    1. The specific location
    2. What action, if any, have you taken to establish a new work?
    3. Do you have the economic means to support you as you establish a new work?
    4. Any other information to show your seriousness of beginning a new work.
  • If you do not plan to begin a new work, what are your plans?
    1. Do you plan to become a staff minister? Where?
    2. Have you discussed a staff minister position with the senior minister of your center or any other center?
    3. Do you plan to stay in the same geographic location as your residence?
    4. If you intend to stay in the same geographic location, are there economic reasons such as your existing job or job of significant other?
    5. Other plans and reasons? Be specific.
  • D. Financial Need:

  • E. Personal Information:

  • F. References:

    Please include two or more references and letters of reference.

    One of the letters should be from the Dean of your ministerial school or your fourth year instructor.
    Have the references emailed to:

    Dr. Marilyn Leo - Educational Chair: Send a message

    Rev. Roger Juline - Education Committee: Send a message

    Dr. Tom Sannar - Education Committee: Send a message

    Rev. Dr. Karen Kushner - Education Committee: Send a message


  • Essay:

  • NOTICE: All blanks must be filled (use "N/A" if the question is not applicable).
    NOTICE: If you want a record of the information you are submitting, print yourself a copy of the CONFIRMATION that will appear after you click the submit button and the submission is completed.
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