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The Foundation funds projects and scholarships exclusively for the benefit of centers and individuals affiliated with CENTERS FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING, Golden CO./churches and individuals affiliated with CENTERS FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING, Golden, CO.


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HEFFERLIN FOUNDATION meets 3 times a year. For application consideration and evaluation by Hefferlin Foundation Board of Directors, your application, and submission must be submitted on-line by the DEADLINE DATES as follows for 2023/2024 Grants:

Winter Meeting Date
February 24th, 2023
Final Submission Date
January 12, 2023

Summer Meeting Date
June 22nd – 23rd, 2023
Final Submission Date
May 8, 2023

Fall Meeting Date
Nov. 2nd -3rd, 2023
Final Submission Date
September 20th, 2023

Winter Meeting Date
Feb. 16th, 2024
Final Submission Date
January 2nd, 2024

NOTE: Any Applications received after the due dates will be considered at the next official meeting of the Board of Directors.


The Foundation’s Education Committee offers financial support in the following areas:

We provide Ministerial Scholarship grants.

We provide Curriculum Development grants.

We provide Conference Support grants.


The Foundation’s Media Committee offers financial support for a variety of media projects to promote the Science of Mind teaching.

We support Live Streaming projects and Streaming Equipment.

We support book publishing including foreign language translations of Science of Mind materials.


The Foundation’s Center/Church Grant Committee offers financial support in the following order of priority.

We provide grants to ministers who are starting new works or are beginning their first Work.

We help establish new centers of Science of Mind.

We help revitalize existing centers of Science of Mind.

What is the Hefferlin Foundation?

The Dr. John Hefferlin and Marian Hefferlin Foundation is a nonprofit, grant -giving religious foundation incorporated under the laws of the State of California.

The Foundation was created and endowed through the generosity of John and Marian Hefferlin for the purpose of providing funds to promote the teaching of the Science of Mind philosophy, as formulated by Ernest Holmes, and to advance the growth and expansion of Centers for Spiritual Living, teaching the Science of Mind.

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