Information on Church Grants

The Foundation is authorized to give financial assistance to a new or revitalized center or church affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living. The Foundation will also consider grants to a Center for Spiritual Living center/church that  is fulfilling a unique and special need in the community. Emphasis shall be given to grants for new Centers/Churches in areas which are currently under served  by a Center for Spiritual Living.  Our financial assistance shall be for only the first year of the operation of the new center/church and shall be limited to one year duration for an existing center/church.  Multi-year grants are not given. After a satisfactory progress report, churches receiving grants may apply again after 1 year elapses.  Priority will be given to centers/churches that have never received grants.

Grants are given only to Churches/Centers and Ministers that are licensed, ordained by and affiliated with The Centers for Spiritual Living, Golden CO.  All applicants must be graduates of a CSL School for Spiritual Leadership or Holmes Institute. 

Church Program Grants are single year grants, no multi-year grants are awarded.  A Center/Church is eligible to apply again after 2 years of successful growth and financial stability.   Grants are awarded for:
Setting up offices, classrooms, sanctuary, furniture,office equipment, office and facility rental, class fees for those unable to contribute, advertising, marketing, printing, computers and software, books, recording, streaming and sound equipment, lighting, and other start-up expenses.

Church Program Grants are not made for:
Staff salaries (except six month’s ministerial salaries for newly licensed ministers beginning their first work); television or multimedia programs, films, or publishing of books (contact the Foundation’s Media Committee).

Rev. Doré Patlian (Church Grants Committee Chair)
8188 Villa Grande Court
Sarasota, FL 34243
Telephone: 941-320-8291
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George St. Johns (Church Grants Committee Member)
3595 Raincloud Court,
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
Telephone: 805 530-3965.
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Dr. Thomas C. Sannar (Church Grants Committee Member)
1264 Via Portovecchio
Lake San Marcos, CA 92078
Telephone: 760-471-5471
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 Church Grant Committee Information


  1. To provide grants to ministers who are starting new works or are beginning their first Work.
  2. To help establish new centers/churches of Religious Science / Science of Mind
  3. To help revitalize existing centers/churches Religious Science / Science of Mind.

Grantee Prerequisites: (Ministerial Candidates)

  1. Minister must be licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living Inc. of Golden, CO.
  2. Demonstrated proficiency in written and verbal communications to include composition, spelling, grammar, and public speaking excellence.
  3. Minimum of two years of post-high school education in an accredited institution (A.A. degree or life experience equivalent)
  4. Financial, emotional, intellectual and spiritual maturity, evidenced by such factors as scholastic record, successful business or teaching background.
  5. Ability to provide required references. A reference is required from either the Holmes Institute dean or the 400 Series program ministerial instructor; provide as well as at least one references from another minister who has known the applicant for two years or more
  6. Demonstrated commitment to the ministry of Religious Science / Science of Mind
  7. Applicant must be a minister licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living and must be intending to start a new work or have an existing ministry that is fulfilling a unique need to spread the teachings of Science of Mind.

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