Information on Church Grants


1 – To provide grants to ministers who are starting new works or are beginning their first Work.
2 – To help establish new centers of Religious Science.
3 – To help revitalize existing centers of Religious Science.

Grantee Prerequisites: (Ministerial Candidates)

1 – Applicant must be a minister licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living and must be intending to start a new work or have an existing ministry that is fulfilling a unique need to spread the teachings of Science of Mind.

2 –If the application is for a new work, at least two references are required. One reference is required from the Holmes Institute Dean and at least one reference from another minister who has known the applicant for two years or more. If the application is for an existing center, at least one reference is required from another minister who has known the applicant for two years or more.

The Foundation is authorized to give financial assistance to a new or revitalized center affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living. The Foundation will also consider grants to a Center for Spiritual Living center that is fulfilling a unique and special need in the community. Emphasis shall be given to grants for new Centers in areas which are currently underserved by a Center for Spiritual Living.

Typically our financial assistance shall be limited to one year of operation of the center. Multi-year grants are not given. A Center is eligible to apply again after 2 years of successful growth and financial stability. Priority will be given to new centers and those who have not received prior grants.

Grants are awarded for:

Setting up offices, classrooms, sanctuary, lighting, furniture, office equipment, office and facility rental, advertising, marketing, printing, computers and software. Grants are not given for ministerial or staff salaries.

Requests for recording equipment, streaming, internet activity, distance learning equipment, multimedia programs, films, or publishing of books must be made to the Media Committee and not Church Grants.


Rev. Dr. Karen Kushner (Church Grants Committee Chair)
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