Applying For A Grant

Grant Application Deadlines:

For consideration by Hefferlin Foundation Board of Directors at one of its three meetings each year, grant applications must be completed and submitted on-line as follows for 2019 Grants:

For the February meeting, submit by Friday, December 21, 2018
For the June meeting, submit by Friday, April 19, 2019
For the November meeting, submit by Friday, September 6, 2019

Applications received after the due date will be considered at the next meeting of the Board.

22724675The Hefferlin Foundation is dedicated to promoting the teachings of the Science of Mind aka Religious Science:

  1. Through its EDUCATION COMMITTEE, the Foundation offers scholarships to those students who have completed one full year of ministerial training in a School of Spiritual Leadership in a Center/Church affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living. This committee also entertains grant requests to support distance learning technology and curriculum projects, as well as educational conferences.
  2. Through its CHURCH GRANTS COMMITTEE, the Foundation awards grants to new Centers for Spiritual Living centers/churches  or revitalizing existing churches/centers affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living.
  3. Through its MEDIA COMMITTEE, the Foundation provides grants for publication of new or out -of -print Science of Mind literature, translation of existing materials into other languages, regardless of media format, and electronic media projects (radio, television broadcasting and on-line streaming.)

The Hefferlin Foundation accepts contributions to further the aims of the foundation and will thank you for your support. The Hefferlin Foundation is a 501:C-3 Non Profit Corporation incorporated in the State of California