Hefferlin Live Streaming Policy

To qualify for a Live Streaming Grant the applicant must demonstrate an awareness of what Live Streaming is, what it can and cannot do, tools already available to accomplish Live Streaming goals and a clear focus on market building and content development.

Hefferlin urges all Live Streaming applicants to test their market before making and application using whatever equipment might be available “in order to develop some initial results which may provide a basis for further development before applying for a Grant.”

To qualify for an application, applicants must:

  1. Have a YouTube channel with at least 10 videos uploaded.
  2. Have a Facebook page (at least 100 likes)
  3. Have an Instagram page
  4. Show growth over last two years (in center attendance or online classes)
  5. Identify a team that understands the use of Live Streaming equipment to be purchased.
  6. Demonstrate how proposed Live Streaming has and will further SOM teaching.
  7. Have a marketing plan that requires the requested equipment.
  8. List requested equipment items individually with prices and an internet link for each item.
  9. Show Center has funding for yearly subscriptions necessary to stream

The successful Grantee will be one who makes an affirmative showing that:

  • Professional live streaming services such as: Worship Channels.com or ChurchStreaming.TV, Zoom Video Conferencing, or others, have been investigated or explains why they are by-passing the use of such services for preliminary live streaming development.
  • They can show, at least in part, that they have a sufficient proven audience, or a well-crafted marketing plan to develop such an audience, and will benefit from a capital infusion.
  • They have skill sets, capability and experience, in place, or identified, and will be able to utilize, employ, and/or have qualified volunteers, that supports such capital investment.
  • They have shown some expertise regarding the specific equipment they wish to purchase by listing the equipment with web link, make, model and price.